ASPIRE (Achieving Success by Promoting Readiness for Education and Employment)

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ASPIRE (Achieving Success by Promoting Readiness for Education and Employment) is a six state consortium that includes Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah. Led by the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, the goals of ASPIRE are to 1) Increase SSI youth and families' overall household income, and thereby reduce dependence on public benefits, by increasing educational attainment and increased career achievement; and 2) Inform federal policymakers about the efficacy of best supports for youth with disabilities. The six states will recruit and enroll 2000 youth ages 14 to 16 who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) living in urban, rural, frontier and tribal areas. At enrollment, all youth and their families will receive information about available resources and services.  Half of the youth and families who enroll will also be provided additional services including case management, self-determination training for the youth, parent education and training, financial education and capability training and benefits planning.  ASPIRE will also partner with agencies and organizations to support further education and employment opportunities for the youth and family.  A comparison will be made between the group receiving additional ASPIRE services and those who receive the typical services within their communities.

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